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Long awaited: Organic Milk Rice
Discover our new organic rice pudding from certified organic production. Ready to serve and easy to store at room temperature.

Containing 1.5 % fat in the milk portion and 5.5 % added sugar, the product is perfectly suited for daycare and school catering.

Try also: our dessert-duo Organic Milkpuddings Chocolate and Vanilla.

New: Blood Orange Dessert Oriental Style
An indulgent dessert like a fairytale from 1001 Nights! Enchant your guests with new, trendy flavor combinations and inspire with our unique dessert of the year: Blood Orange Dessert Oriental Style – a delightful highlight!

Our deliciously creamy trend product invites your guests on a sensual delightful journey to the Orient with a fruity note and a touch of Levant indulgence.

From September: Kefir-Dessert Cherry
Creamy, fruity, tasty: Discover our new, delicious seasonal product for autumn and winter!

Now available: our new trio Yo-Fruit
Each of our three delicious creamy flavours Strawberry, Vanilla and Peach-Passion Fruit is tailored to age-appropiate needs and convinces with fruity freshness. Enjoy!

Available from March: Kefir-Dessert Passion Fruit
Here comes our new delicious summertime dessert highlight!

Simply irresistible, so creamy, so fruity - our new seasonal dessert for spring and summer: Kefir-Dessert Passion Fruit!

Available from March: Banana-Split Crème
Excite with our new and unique dessert innovation!

Simply delicious, our new dessert highlight Banana-Split Crème. Tasty banana-flavour meets especially creamy consistency. Just mix in the added chocolate pieces and portion - ready!

Now available: delicious cup desserts
Convenient, hygienic, delicious: our cup desserts

Incredible indulgence comes with every 85 g-cup from our small portions dessert product range. Discover our 6 irresistable creamy puddings and our delicious 3 milk puddings!

Perfect for needs in the business or school catering segment, gastronomy, hotel industry or in hospitals and nursing homes. Also available in 5 kg pails for bulk consumers.

Available from September: Kefir-Dessert Raspberry
Discover now: The new creamy-fruity dessert highlight!

Trigger new purchase impulses in your canteen – with our latest dessert innovation!
Especially creamy and with a strong fruity raspberry flavour and delicate acidity.

Available from September: Kefir Dessert Orange-Vanilla
Try now: Our new seasonal dessert for autumn and winter!

Kick off a fruity-fresh dessert season – with our new delicious product highlight Kefir Dessert Orange-Vanilla!

Desserts especially for nursery and school catering
A delicious and very playful variety for the everyday school life – our tasty Milk Pudding flavours, as well as our products Milk Rice and Semolina Porridge are full of taste and also convince with less added sugar and a low fat content! For certified menus.

Available now: Pudding with Cream
Your guests’ new favourite pudding!

So delicious, so varied: Our new pudding with cream turns into an exceptional indulgence one spoonful at a time. So irresistible!

Available from march: Buttermilk Dessert Apple
New Buttermilk Dessert flavour

Our much-loved Buttermilk Dessert trio is getting a promising flavour boost In March:
Discover our new apple flavour – with delicious Jonagold apples.

Available from March: Buttermilk Dessert Cherry
New seasonal dessert: Buttermilk Dessert Cherry!

Revive your assortment – with our new seasonal dessert for the spring and summer time!
Our irresistibly fruity Buttermilk Dessert Cherry with Amarena flavour gives refreshing variety to your restaurant.

From March: Red Berry Pudding
Fruity, tasty, lovely

Always delicious – with vanilla sauce, cream or milk, combined with curd, yoghurt, rice pudding, fruit or waffles. Red Berry Pudding is your flexible all-rounder for a varied
dessert range.

From September: Yoghurtcreme Greek Style Blackberries-Gooseberries
Treat your guests to a marvellous Mediterranean experience, which tastes like pure holiday joy: introducing the new delicious seasonal highlight Yoghurtcreme Greek Style for autumn and winter. Try from September on: our limited flavor Blackberry & Gooseberry!

From October: Semolina Porridge
Ideal for a flavourful and beneficial child- and senior-appropriate nutrition. Try from October on: our new product Semolina Porridge!

Available from October: Solid Chef's Cream 20 %
The solid solution for professional chefs!

The one you were looking for: discover our solid Chef’s Cream with 20 % fat and get excited!

From March: the new seasonal dessert-highlight Yoghurtcreme Greek Style with Elderberries & Mint
Taste the creamy indulgence and discover our new seasonal dessert Yoghurtcreme Greek Style with Elderberries and Mint. From March 2018!

Wiesehoff Curd Desserts
Available in four delicious flavours as a 5 kg pail or 85 g cup portion.

Yoghurtcreme Greek Style with Melon
Delicious, creamy, summery! Our delicious Yoghurtcreme Greek Style with Melon invites your guests to enjoy an irresistable Mediterranean taste experience.

frischli went INTERNORGA!
Thank you for visiting us at the INTERNORGA in Hamburg!

frischli at the Gastro Vision 2018!
Here we are: frischli at the Gastro Vision fair 2018 in Stuttgart and Hamburg...

New variety of Butter Biscuits
Only from frischli: Milk puddings specially developed just for school and nursery catering!
With an improved recipe—for sweet successes that are fun for gourmets of all ages.

Good to be back: our seasonal dessert classic Pear-Quince-Mascarpone Creme!
Much in demand - now permanently available: Our popular, creamy mascarpone creme with a unique pear-quince hint!

Our alternative for vegan dessert ideas:
Vegetable whip for professional user. Just as delicious and easy to handle as our classic whips.

New Wiesehoff curd product range
Versatile curd products from Wiesehoff!

The new professional curd products are the ideal basis for a wide variety of culinary applications.

NEW from March 2017!
Simply tasty: Our new Cheesecake Dessert!

You’ll be on board with the current trend with our hot new products, making sure those ambitious customers craving new culinary experiences are satisfied.

Back again: Rhubarb Mascarpone Cream
The popular, creamy Mascarpone Cream with fruity rhubarb and a delicate vanilla note.

Now free from all additives subject to the labelling obligation!

New: Recipe trailer for our duo of international desserts!
Crème brûlée or panna cotta are quick to prepare for you as a professional chef. We’ll show you how in our two new recipe videos!

Marketing alliance agreed
frischli and Wiesehoff – Two dairies are treading a shared path. frischli will market the products of Sahnemolkerei Wiesehoff using its own distribution channels, thus complementing its range with lots of fresh products.

New range: Buttermilk Dessert Blueberry
The new Blueberry flavour will provide fruity reinforcement for the Buttermilk Dessert Mango and Buttermilk Dessert Lime-Lemon from January 2017.

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